Online dating, cookies and - well - cookies

Online dating, cookies and – well – cookies

Happy Holidays! I hope you are looking forward to a restful, relaxing week. Unless you have kids, then you know, good luck. I hope you get a candy cane at least.

My kids are off school for the next few weeks. We have been having fun running around Portland and making and eating a ridiculous amount of cookies. As always, we made sugar cookies. Every Christmas, my mom and I would make these cookies together, and I love being able to make them now with my kids. I wrote about Continuing My Mother’s Christmas Tradition after Her Passing over on Babble. I hope you give it a read – it’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written so far.

While I love to make these cookies, since flour does horrible things to me, I can no longer eat them. So we also made a batch of these delicious, flourless peanut butter blossom cookies. IMG_2467

We rolled them in holiday sprinkles and topped them with chocolate chips. (Insider tip: Make sure to read the Hershey kiss package before purchasing. Mint + peanut butter is not a great combination.) We scooped them out by the tablespoon instead of by the tablespoon and a half, which put the baking time at an even 9 minutes. Find the recipe here courtesy of Recipe Girl. It’s one that I’ve pinned and come back to many times.

And finally – I’ve been doing some online dating. No, no. It’s not what you think. I barely have the energy for my own husband let alone a whole other guy. Plus I love my husband and all that. I was introduced to the wild world of Tinder when my cousin came by for a visit. (Yes, the same one that was mercilessly hazed by my daughter – I wonder why she was looking to get out of the house?) Tinder is fully, completely awesome. I can’t tell you how addictive and fun it is – especially when there is no expectation that you will be the one doing the dating. I wrote about the mishaps and lessons learned in Tinder 101 for Married Moms over on In the Powder Room.

I’m off to just look at the cookies, not eat them. Warmest wishes for full tummies, happy kiddos and at least one chance to sleep past 8.